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Taurus 2014 Horoscopes

Brilliant breakthroughs

Social and financial complications are possible when the year begins, thanks to your ruling planet Venus. The usually alluring planet is in reverse when 2014 starts, which can delay projects and frustrate relationships. Finally, the love planet stops its retrograde period in your 9th House of Higher Mind on January 31, allowing you to commence moving toward meaningful goals with a greater likelihood of success. Facing hard truths might be a key element in getting the clarity that you need.

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Philosophical Jupiter is in sensitive Cancer and your 3rd House of Communication until July 16. In principle, this is excellent for expressing yourself more effectively, especially when your feelings are involved in what you say. Yet on January 31, generous Jupiter opposes stingy Pluto to provoke intense thinking and conversations. You might get involved in a serious difference of opinion about current needs or future goals.

Two sides

Political and religious points of view may clash, yet the higher purpose of this aspect is to examine your beliefs more deeply. We all make assumptions based on past experiences and personal prejudices, and if they don't fit the current situation, you're likely to recognize the need to shift your perspective then.

This transformative pattern might shed doubts on your long-term goals, but it can reward you by uncovering hidden assets if you're willing to examine your expectations deeply enough. Jupiter and Pluto repeat this pattern on April 20, while volatile Uranus joins the party. Brilliant breakthroughs of consciousness can occur, but bruising battles of ideas that undermine cooperation are also possible.

Finding joy with home and family

On July 16, Jupiter moves into outgoing Leo and your 4th House of Roots, where it can illuminate family matters and past experiences in ways that liberate energy and incite creativity. This should bring joy into your home and encourage you to make it more attractive. Having fun where you live can also boost your professional life because it opens your heart and stimulates the confidence needed to advance your career.

Starting your own business and getting involved in the arts are two positive expressions of Jupiter's 12-month visit to this part of your chart. This giant planet's counterpart is strict Saturn, which has been stewing in intense Scorpio and your 7th House of Others since October 2012. Another year or so of Saturn here should solidify your understanding of and status in relationships.

Have a discussion

If you're not happy with a personal or professional partner, staying silent will not resolve your issues. The life can drain away from an alliance, leaving you with disappointment unless you're willing to bite the bullet and take decisive action. Sometimes an unrewarding union must end to make room for one that will be more fulfilling.

A Solar Eclipse in your sign on April 28 is a reminder that pushing ahead might not be the fastest or best way to get where you want to go. Stepping back from current projects and problems will allow you to reflect on these situations and can reveal forgotten lessons and people from the past that might be helpful to you now. Taking care of your body is a must with this physically significant event, but it's healthier to take small, consistent steps in diet and exercise than trying to do too much too fast.

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