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Taurus 2014 Career Horoscope

Picking the right partners

Reviewing your aspirations and repairing professional relationships are your first orders of business this year.

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Be aware that 2014 starts with Venus, your sociable ruling planet, stuck in reverse. This retrograde period lasts until January 31, requiring you to tighten up finances and alliances before adding more to your plate. This reversal occurs in your 9th House of Higher Education and Faraway Places, possibly bringing delays and complications in these areas. But it can also reconnect you with someone from your past or revive interest in a subject that isn't part of your current job.

Don't be shy about asking experienced people for advice, even if you're sure about what you want to do. Additional information will only help you make the best decision possible.

Weathering the storm

A Solar Eclipse in Taurus on April 28 is charged up with excitement and instability. Hunkering down to keep what you've got is an understandable response, but it's probably not the best way to react to job-related pressures. Potent Pluto's favorable trine to this Sun-Moon conjunction indicates that you will gain more by letting go of outmoded expectations and old habits. Eliminating people, projects and practices that aren't working well makes room for more helpful individuals and activities.

Another Solar Eclipse on October 23 occurs in your 7th House of Partners. Yet instead of breaking alliances, this event suggests that you should overcome your doubts and reach out to others. Alluring Venus joined with the Sun and Moon in Scorpio indicates that dealing with an intense individual, as complicated as she or he may be, can be the key to professional success.

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