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Gemini 2016 Horoscope

Reality bites

Get ready for a year of careful attention to your relationships -- in business and in your personal life. Saturn, the planet of constriction and obligation, will continue moving through your partnership sector all year, demanding that you roll up your sleeves and pay attention to the work you're putting into your closest alliances. Are you feeling resentment about giving more than you're getting in any relationship? Is there a sense of weight or burden that simply doesn't feel good anymore? Or, is it the opposite scenario and are you thinking carefully about committing yourself to someone in business or marriage, "til death do you part?"

Saturn through the 7th House of Partnerships can bring either situation to reality -- it all depends on what stage of life you're in. Geminis who are already married or in a business relationship might feel the weightier grip of Saturn this year, testing a union. Single Geminis on the other hand, might seriously re-evaluate relationship on all levels. It's time to define what a mature and responsible partnership means to you. A Gemini who is in a relationship will likely have a year that feels much like a crossroads -- will you or won't you commit? A Lunar Eclipse in your true love sector on March 23 might help you reach a decision.

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Thinking it over

These decisions and lessons will be further complicated by the fact that action planet Mars will retrograde from April 17 until May 27 in your relationship sector. You might second guess the motivation behind a relationship and really dig into the deeper meaning of what you truly hope to get out of this connection.

Then, from May 27 until June 29 Mars will travel retrograde through your 6th House of Work and Health. It'll be time to re-evaluate exactly how you're using your energy to accomplish tasks and to take care of yourself.

All in the family

Fortunately, as you move through what promises to be a life-changing year in the relationship department, it appears you'll have plenty of family support along the way. Jupiter will continue to move through your 4th House of Home and Family until September 9, allowing you to bask in the blessings of your domestic world. Additionally, a Solar Eclipse lights up new beginnings in family matters on September 1. This might also be a year for you to upsize your living situation. If you're looking to buy a house, aim for as close to March 16 or June 26 as possible since Jupiter will make a favorable link to Pluto, in your 8th House of Shared Resources. You'll get the best mortgage rates!

After September 9 Jupiter will move onto your 5th House of Romance and Play, and you might be thinking about having a baby or expanding your creativity in some way. If single, this will be the time love can arrive -- in the most exhilarating way imaginable.

Career changes are on the horizon for you as well. Pay attention to events near the Solar Eclipse on March 8 and the Lunar Eclipse on September 16 -- both hitting your 10th House of Profession.

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