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Libra 2016 Horoscope

It's all in your head

2016 might start off with a gentle reminder that often, it's not so much about the circumstances life throws your way, but about your perspective and reaction to them. Essentially, your mindset matters. And fortunately, the cosmos has granted you a brilliant opportunity to learn this lesson in the most profound way.

That's because Saturn, the planet of limitation but also crystallization and mastery will tour your 3rd House of the Mind all year. This is a karmic phase where you're truly meant to "get your head on straight." If you find yourself suffering from negative thinking, it'll be a red flag to become less pessimistic without losing your sense of reality about the situation your mind is consumed with.

This will also be a fine time to take on a course of study that requires incredible focus and concentration as well as commitment. Or, you might find yourself in the teacher role and have a chance to instruct others at some point over the next year. Another possibility is that there's a book or other writing project you've always wanted to work on, but your insecurity about your talent in this area is stopping you in your tracks. Guess what? Saturn wants you to face this fear, and if you do there's sure to be a reward in store. So roll up your sleeves and get to work!

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Rethinking and revising

Mars, the planet of assertive drive, will turn retrograde from April 17 until June 29. In the initial phase of his retrograde -- until May 27 -- he'll be in your 3rd house. This might feel frustrating if you're trying to move forward with a communications-related project, but the good news is that it'll force you to revise your approach to it. Then, you'll be able to proceed once Mars is back in direct motion. Between May 27 and June 29 Mars will retrograde through your earned income sector. You might have to address your budget and any expenditure you recently made in haste. Now, it's possible you'll realize that you probably shouldn't have overspent. An unexpected bill that you thought was taken care of might now come back to haunt you as well. Do what you can to remedy the situation since you know about it in advance.

Guardian angels

Spiritual development might be a strong focus until September, while Jupiter tours your 12th House of Solitude. You might feel as if you have an amazing well of guardian angels watching over you since, just when a situation feels hopeless, you'll find that a solution appears. After September 9 Jupiter will move into your sign for the first time in 12 years, and at this point you will know that your time has arrived! Optimism, expansion, and opportunity will be your keywords for the rest of the year and well into 2017.

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