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Pisces 2016 Love Horoscope

Lucky in love

If you're in a relationship as 2016 begins, you're extra blessed. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, entered your 7th House of Partnerships back in August of 2015. Until September 9 of 2016, he'll continue to move through this part of your chart. What you can expect with Jupiter here is extraordinary support. If you and your partner are in a good place, expect things to be even sweeter this year. If you and your mate are experiencing a rocky road, then Jupiter might help you smooth things out. Consider couples counseling while Jupiter is here if the two of want to salvage things but aren't sure how. 

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In the event that you and your spouse are splitting up in 2016, Jupiter can still help. The divorce process is likely to be much more amicable than if Jupiter were not here. 

Total eclipse of the heart

Eclipses do emphasize a potential change in relationship for you, so be aware of developments on March 8 with a Solar Eclipse in your sign. A Solar Eclipse in your marriage sector on September 1 followed by a Lunar Eclipse in your sign on September 16 will bring more news. Fortunately, for most Pisceans this will be more about wedding bells or a very blessed development for you and your mate. 

After September 9 it looks like Pisces will benefit strongly from their partner's money. A joint investment may also prove to be quite lucrative. 

Single Pisceans have glittering prospects for love between June 17 and July 12. An emotionally fulfilling soul mate relationship is more promising than a casual affair. 

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