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Scorpio 2016 Horoscope

One step forward, two steps back

For a chunk of 2016 you might feel as if every time you take one step forward, you must then take two steps back. But don't despair; if you understand the significance of this cycle as it relates to your personal development, you'll surely come out ahead of the game. 2016 starts out strong and in your favor thanks to Mars, your co-ruling planet of assertion, moving into your sign on January 3. He'll remain in Scorpio until March 5 in direct motion, so this is when you'll want to begin any new personal endeavors. You'll have an opportune time to launch whatever it is you want to succeed most and ensure that you have all the stamina to back up your plans.

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Stick to a budget

The trouble however, begins on April 17 when Mars turns retrograde. Until May 27 he'll retrograde through your 2nd House of Earned Income, causing a bit of frustration in your financial life. Saturn, the planet of karmic lessons and responsibility, will also be in this part of your chart all year long. This amplifies the mature outlook you'll need to take on when it comes to your cash flow. It's possible that the project you started earlier in the year is more expensive to fund than you thought. Or, it's possible that you have a major expense to save up for and you'll need to learn how to discipline your spending in order to make it work. This could be anything from a down payment on a home to funding a child's education. Whatever the details, this will not be a year to be carefree with your money. If you are it'll be more difficult to make ends meet. If, however, you're prudent, you'll be just fine.

Moving mountains

Mars will then retrograde back into your sign on May 27, and remains retrograde in Scorpio until June 29. During this time you'll need to pay special attention to reworking a part of your life that needs extra TLC. The good news is that after Mars turns direct, he'll be stronger than ever and in your sign until August 2. This is when you can really move mountains!

Jupiter will bless your friendship sector until September 9, so be sure to maximize any networking opportunities and give yourself permission to enjoy as much social time as possible. Friends will definitely benefit you! After September 9 Jupiter moves onto your 12th house of Contemplation, providing extraordinary spiritual protection for the rest of the year and well into 2017.

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