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Taurus 2016 Horoscope

Hearts on fire

If you've been carefully avoiding dealing with any of your intimacy issues, then it looks like in 2016 the universe will make sure you face them head on ... or suffer the consequences. Don't worry; it's not as dire as it sounds. In fact, as long as you're willing to admit you have a problem in this area and then proactively address it accordingly, your intimate life might turn into the most rewarding part of the year for you. Why? Well Taurus, it appears that this is definitely your year for LOVE!

That's right! The good news -- the amazing news -- is that Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, will be in your 5th House of True Love until September 9, 2016. This once-every-12-years opportunity arrived for you last August, but you might not have felt the blessings immediately. Or, you might have met someone special but came up with a million excuses why it just couldn't work out. In many ways you're used to disappointment in love, so you might simply expect more of the same. It's time to change that mindset! This can and WILL be your year for love and amazing, off-the-charts, deep and meaningful sex with someone special -- just as soon as you give yourself permission to accept the love you truly deserve. Love becomes incredibly powerful for you the wider you open your heart near March 16 and again on June 26 when Jupiter makes a gorgeous trine to Pluto.

If you're already deeply in love with someone, this energy might come out in a different way. Perhaps you and your sweetheart will decide to have a child together or work on a creative endeavor that sparks the both of you. Either way, Jupiter moving through your 5th house will be incredibly gratifying. Enjoy every drop of it!

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Facing fears

From April 17 until June 29, Mars will retrograde through your 8th House of Intimacy, and then (after May 27) your 7th House of Partnership to bring these matters into focus. Saturn, the planet of limitation and karmic lessons, will also remain in your 8th house all year, making it vital for you to grow up and face your fears about deep emotional and physical connections with someone special. In addition, you'll also have an opportunity to learn how to truly rely on you and no one but you financially. Just imagine how proud of yourself you'll be over the next year as you nail these integral life lessons.

Then on September 9, Jupiter will move into your 6th House of Work and Health, boosting these areas for you. Expect plenty of opportunity if you're in the freelance industry. And if you own a business, this will be your ideal time to hire staff. Health improvements will give you all the vitality you need to put your best foot forward at the office. Yes!

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