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Taurus 2016 Love Horoscope

A breath of fresh air

After a stretch of years where your love life has either been non-existent or filled with incredible challenges, 2016 will feel like a breath of fresh air. You might have already noticed a major shift toward the last quarter of 2015, when Jupiter entered your true love sector for the first time in 12 years. Until September 9, 2016, you will continue to enjoy amazing prospects to meet someone special and fall in love if you are single. If you are dating someone at the start of 2016, then you can expect things to develop in a very happy direction. Pay attention to spectacular developments in your love life on March 16 and again on June 26 when Jupiter connects beautifully to Pluto. Love can and will transform you!

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Working out the kinks

If you're married or in a committed relationship as 2016 begins, then you might have to work out a few kinks in your love connection. Between January 3 and April 17, you and your partner might have a few more arguments than usual about issues related to who wears the pants in your relationship. Between April 17 and June 29 however, while Mars travels retrograde, you'll have an opportunity to step away from defensive postures and insecure reactions in order to work on productive solutions. Ultimately, you will realize that it's not about control, it's about connecting. 

You might also be spending all of that time with your mate trying to get your shared financial ducks in a row because you have plans to start a family. There are gorgeous fertility prospects for you until September 9, so if a baby is part of your plan, make the most of that energy!

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