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Capricorn 2017 Horoscope

You've got the Midas touch

2017 will be a banner career year for you Capricorn, so get ready to do what you do best -- succeed! You can thank Jupiter, the planet of expansion and prosperity, for much of the professional gains you'll enjoy. He moved into your 10th House of Honors back in September 2016, so you're already feeling his positive vibes. You might have already started to receive incredible accolades from a VIP or an outright promotion. Or it's possible that you have plans to launch a new business this year. No matter what you do, it appears you've got the Midas touch -- and everyone will know it.

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Money momentum

There are solid developments for you financially, thanks to a string of eclipses in 2017 slated to help boost your income as well as other ways of making money. A Lunar Eclipse in your 8th house on February 10, followed by a Solar Eclipse on August 21, will help you gain momentum on investments. You may also hear positive news about a royalty agreement, commission split, or even an inheritance. Insurance or retirement benefits connected to your job are likely to become more generous, much to your delight. A Lunar Eclipse in your earned income sector on August 7 will have you feeling quite fulfilled about money matters.

Family focus

In other news, your home and family life will need some attention this year. Thankfully, it's nothing too abrasive. Venus will retrograde through your domestic 4th house from March 4 - April 2, and then will retrograde into your 3rd House of Siblings and Communication from April 2 - 15. As a result, it's possible that you and your clan will need to do some re-evaluating about how you're spending money as a family. Or a real estate matter may come up that requires consideration. If there is any tension between you and a relative, the key to smoothing it over during this time will be an honest conversation about where each of you may feel under-appreciated. You can and will move past this!

A beautiful Solar Eclipse in your 3rd house guarantees that any situation that might have come up during Venus' retrograde in your 3rd house will lead to a bright new beginning in your relationship. This eclipse might also be an ideal time to sign a major contract or begin a significant writing project.

Lastly, Jupiter will move into your social 11th house on October 10, granting you more opportunity to enjoy time with friends and in groups than you've had in years. Be sure to network and make the most of the connections you'll form -- something big will come from at least one of them.

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