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Aquarius 2018 Love Horoscope

Love is a battlefield

You'll be going through a major personal overhaul in 2018, Aquarius -- quite possibly a complete demolition. This might also include your love life. In fact ... it will.

A Lunar Eclipse in your partnership sector on January 31 might leave you feeling fulfilled in an existing relationship ... or ready for a change. Emotionally, if you're not being held in high enough regard by your mate, you'll begin to recognize a major problem. You'll also begin the year ready to make dramatic personal changes, which will become apparent as early as the February 15 Solar Eclipse in your sign. These changes will be exciting for you but might be uncomfortable for your partner. It won't matter ... you'll need to be true to yourself. As a result, by the July 27 Lunar Eclipse in your sign, there might be a dramatic crash and burn.

This Lunar Eclipse will occur at a delicate time for you astrologically. From June 26-August 27, Mars, the planet of action and motivation, will retrograde. For the majority of this cycle Mars will retrograde in your sign, making you feel as if the wind has literally been sucked out of your sails. If there are any red flags in your love life at this time, combined with the difficult eclipse energy on July 27, you simply might not have the energy to fight for your partnership. You may simply prefer to wave a white flag and surrender to whatever is meant to happen next: and that would be chaos. This eclipse will harshly square Uranus, your ruler of liberation and erratic messes, in your family sector. As a result, if your partnership does end, it might have a stressful effect on your family life -- and unfortunately that will be out of your control during this time. 

Another way this confluence of energy might materialize for you may have to do with your libido. During the Mars Retrograde, it's possible that you'll feel less desire for your partner or, if single, you might feel like you've lost all your game. Don't worry -- it's temporary!

All of the changes happening this year might lead to a stressful new beginning at the August 11 Solar Eclipse. This will occur in your partnership sector, but Mars will still be retrograde at the time of the eclipse, making it difficult for you to forge ahead successfully with any changes to make things right in your relationship world. In 2018 your lesson in love might be less about pushing your agenda, and more about learning how to ride the waves of chaos. After all, that really is the only way for you to grow.

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