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Aries 2018 Love Horoscope

A love that lasts

There's an excellent chance that you're celebrating the New Year with someone special, and that your heart has already been cracked open wider than you ever thought possible. Last year you enjoyed the once-every-12-years cycle of Jupiter moving through your partnership sector. As a result, many Aries fell in love with someone in 2017. The good news? This connection has genuine staying power.

As 2018 begins, you'll find yourself focused on the ins and outs of merging your lives together as a couple. If you recently moved in together or got married, for example, you might be negotiating the sometimes tricky terrain connected to "yours, mine, and ours." Fortunately, you appear to be of the mindset that sharing is caring, and you truly want to learn how to effectively comingle your life with your special someone. Still, lessons surrounding this are possible from October 5-November 16. If you can manage to tackle your insecurities around shared resources and intimacy without becoming defensive, then you'll find yourself able to really let your partner in. Instead of building new walls, allow your partner to tear down any that you've already had in place. 

If you're single, this year you might tackle any barriers to sexual gratification you've struggled with. Eclipses on January 31 and August 11 might bring opportunities for romance -- be open!

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