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Capricorn 2018 Horoscope

It's who you know

There are rich possibilities for your social life in 2018. In fact, you can look forward to making the kinds of friends who do not have one drop of superficiality to them. No, the company you keep this year will have extraordinary depth -- and you'll enjoy every drop of it!

This trend began for you last October and will continue through November 8 of this year. With Jupiter moving through your 11th House of Social Interactions, you can anticipate several blessings and opportunities as a direct result of your friends and networking efforts. Also, at least one of your social acquaintances might prove to be instrumental in helping you achieve a close personal goal.

While you might have more people around you this year than usual, the reason may surprise you. Others are sensing your dependable nature, and as a result, you might be asked to take on more responsibilities -- particularly in group situations.

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Roll up your sleeves

You might also attract more of a following this year because you're busy establishing yourself as an expert in your field. As a result of your efforts, it seems that you'll gain significant respect from others. At the same time, however, people might begin to have stronger expectations from you. It will be an interesting dynamic to navigate. On the one hand, you'll be ready to take on all of this extra duty and authority -- in fact you'll likely embrace it. On the other hand, however, it might surprise you just how much others begin to rely on you.

This trend is due to the influence of Saturn, your ruling planet of mastery and discipline, now in your sign. Saturn moved into Capricorn back on December 19, 2017, but as 2018 begins you'll really begin to notice the monumental impact this planetary transition will have for you.

You are the one sign who tends to work naturally with Saturn's demands, so you certainly do not fear any of the additional work or responsibilities life will bring you this year. In fact, you tend to shine your best when you assume the role of taskmaster. Even so, there will be at least one major project or personal transition that you initiate that requires herculean effort in order to pull off. It's time to roll up your sleeves and get to work so that, ultimately, you'll see the fruits of your labor. And you will. In time.

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Love lights up

While you might have a more sober and disciplined outlook this year, there is one area of your life where you're ready to throw caution to the wind: your love life. From May 15-November 6 Uranus will visit your romance sector, bringing great changes in matters of the heart. Long story short: If your heart has felt blocked or if your love life has been non-existent, expect an exciting change. In fact, anticipate a sexual revolution! Even if you're happily coupled up, you'll crave extra stimulation and fun. You and your lover will look forward to more experimenting. Yes, when it comes to love, it's time to get out of your comfort zone. 2018 will provide the ideal energy to facilitate this awakening.

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