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Capricorn 2018 Love Horoscope

Starting a new phase

In 2018 one thing is certain: your love life will be anything but boring. In fact, an eventful romantic year appears to be written in the stars for you, whether you're single or attached.

On December 19, 2017, Saturn moved into your sign, and will remain in Capricorn through December of 2020. You are the one sign who works well with Saturnian energy, because you're ruled by him. So the good news is that, even if Saturn presents you with a host of new responsibilities and obligations (and he will!), you'll have little trouble working them into your already disciplined routine.

Saturn in your sign might be a signal that you're ready to embrace a committed relationship such as marriage. If you're already married, there's a chance that you and your partner will decide to become parents or add another child to your existing brood. In fact, a defining Solar Eclipse in your partnership sector on July 12 could signal a potent transformation in your love life. One thing is for sure -- your mate will radically shift your reality as a result of this eclipse.

If you're single, there is exciting news about 2018! Uranus, the planet of liberation and excitement, will move through your true love sector from May 15-November 6, offering you a taste of something radically different in the romance department. You might find yourself suddenly attracted to people you used to cast off as not your type. Another possibility is that you'll entertain the prospect of having casual sex with someone or even an affair. Matters of the heart will somehow have with it a scent of unpredictability, so you'll need to cultivate a "go with the flow" approach to love if you want to successfully navigate the chaotic excitement Uranus is sure to bring you. Enjoy the ride!

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