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Libra 2018 Horoscope

Duty calls

Even if you've been "adulting" for quite some time, Libra, in 2018 the universe will begin to teach you significant lessons that are connected to building a solid foundation for your life. It's time to work diligently to set down roots and create the security you know will carry you for many years to come.

This lesson has to do with the planet Saturn. Recently, on December 19, 2017, he moved into a new area of your chart -- your 4th House of Home, Family, and Roots. Saturn will remain in this part of your horoscope until December of 2020. Starting this year, you'll begin to learn exactly what he is asking of you.

For some, this will be a year of heightened domestic responsibility. Perhaps one of your parents is getting older and needs more of your help. It's also possible that someone else in your family is going through a difficult time and is relying on you more than usual. If any of these situations occurs, your task will be to embrace your newfound responsibilities as realistically as possible. This is not the year to try and escape domestic obligations, because if you do, you'll only create more hardship for yourself down the road when you're the one who needs help.

Another possibility is that you are going through a transition in your family life that leaves you feeling less secure than usual. This can be anything from a divorce or death in the family to one of your grown children leaving the nest. It can also be your adjustment to new parenthood. Whatever the details, the only way to handle it is realistically and dutifully.

If there isn't any major family transition for you in 2018, Saturn in your 4th house might be a reflection of a move or work that has to be done around the house. Structural repairs are possible, and if you do move you might downsize. Someone in your household may also move out, making you feel as if something is missing for a while.

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Fortune finds you

The best news for you this year has to do with finances. With Jupiter moving through your earned income sector until November 8, you can look forward to a major boost in cash flow. You might receive a raise at some point this year, or decide to start a side business and market one of your services or talents. Another possibility is that you will raise your rates if you're already in business for yourself. A Solar Eclipse at the top of your chart on July 12 might be a potent time to set new professional plans into motion. One caveat: At this time you may also have a lot going on at home, and relatives may vie for your attention or resources. Do your best to balance whatever is thrown your way at this time.

The money you get from sources besides your own income is in for a shift as well. A sudden windfall is possible between May 15-November 6, thanks to Uranus peeking into your 8th House of Resources. There might also be a radical change to investments, insurance, or tax matters. If you're married, your spouse might experience a major change in earnings.

Lastly, if you're single, there are significant indications of change in your social and romantic prospects. Eclipses on January 31 and August 11 will bring new friends into your world, while eclipses on February 15 and July 27 might wake up your love life. Sweet!

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