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Pisces 2018 Horoscope

Satisfy your soul

You'll begin 2018 asking some of the deeper questions connected to life -- and you're determined to find answers. This might be a year you decide to embark on an intellectual or spiritual journey that truly expands your horizons. You can accomplish this by traveling to faraway lands and experiencing new cultural experiences. You can also achieve this by pursuing an advanced degree, license, or certification. One thing is certain: your thirst for wisdom must be quenched. How you satisfy it is up to you -- and there will be multiple opportunities at your disposal.

While you're reaching for new heights it's possible that you'll feel more deeply connected to religion, philosophy, or spirituality. Your faith in something bigger than yourself will surely be expanded, and you might be interested in sharing that message with others. As a result, you'll have a special way of inspiring others this year that can serve you well.

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The company you keep

Although you might reach for expansion in one area of your life, the universe may also present you with a lesson connected to crystalizing another. In your case, that will be felt in your social life. Back in December of 2017, the planet Saturn moved into your 11th House of Groups and Friends for the first time in nearly 29 years. Saturn will remain in this part of your chart until December 2020, helping you become more discerning about the company you keep. You'll be more interested in spending time with your oldest and dearest friends rather than expand your social circle. Don't confuse keeping your circle tight, however, with becoming a hermit. Remember to give yourself opportunities to enjoy social experiences this year. Even so, you'll be keenly aware of how valuable your time is, and you'll want to spend it wisely with people who mean the most to you. You might also be in the process this year of creating a sound strategy that will help you achieve one of your deepest goals in life.

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There's a disturbance in the force

In other news, you might notice a shakeup in the life of one of your siblings. From May 15-November 6 Uranus will visit the area of your chart connected to brothers and sisters. Uranus is the "great awakener" of the zodiac, and you may hear news of a sudden change in your sibling's world. Also connected to this transit will be remarkable vicissitudes to your communication style. You might have an idea of pure genius that you want to flesh out. Go with it -- even if it seems a little out there.

You might even be working on a top-secret project and find that it requires extensive revision between June 26-August 27, while Mars travels retrograde. If you feel as if, no matter how hard you push, your efforts are not gelling during this time, be sure to exercise patience. There is a reason for this frustration, and you're meant to re-evaluate your strategy. It'll be worth it in the end.

The mind/body connection will also become more important for you to pay attention to in 2018. A series of eclipses across your physical and spiritual health sectors will help you in this domain. Dates to note are: January 31, February 15, July 27, and August 11. Honor what your body and soul need.

How will the second half of the year play out for YOU? Get personalized predictions now »