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Pisces 2018 Love Horoscope

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With Neptune, your ruling planet of faith and idealism, still moving through your sign (until early 2026!), you'll continue to believe that anything is possible in matters of the heart this year. You want to see the very best in everyone -- especially the person you love. While this might sometimes trip you up, you've signed up to learn very special lessons in this lifetime about compassion, forgiveness, and also sacrifice. The trick in your closest relationships is to know the difference between being kind and being taken advantage of. Fortunately, 2018 doesn't appear to trigger this lesson in relationships in as heavy a way as it did for you over the last few years.

What will happen in 2018, however, is that you might realize that you and your mate are not exactly seeing eye to eye when it comes to spiritual or philosophical beliefs -- or even a moral situation. This disparity in your perspective might become more of an issue from October 5-November 15 when Venus travels retrograde. Another possible issue you and your partner might need to navigate (especially from October 21-November 15), is a financial one. You two might have more money coming in overall this year, but over these weeks especially, you might not be able to agree on what to do with it.

Another major issue you might struggle with in 2018, whether single or attached, is sex. You might not be as satisfied as you'd like to be in this department of your life. Perhaps you're the one with a sinking libido, and if so, from June 26-August 27, you might spend time considering if there is a psychological or medical reason for it. Alternatively, you might feel shut down sexually due to a lack of interest from your partner, and if that's the case, it'll be a perfect time to start working on fixing this problem in your relationship. In fact, a deeply profound Solar Eclipse in your 5th House of Romance and Sex on July 12 will offer you a major opportunity to make a change in this area of your life. If you're single, it's possible that you'll meet someone who turns your world upside down. You might even become obsessed!

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