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Scorpio 2018 Horoscope

Everything coming up Scorpio

You'll kick off 2018 feeling as if you've got the whole world in your hands -- and rightly so! Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, entered your sign back on October 10, 2017, and as the New Year begins you're still basking in this cosmic glory. In fact, Jupiter will continue to provide you with opportunities and blessings until November 8. Because of this trend, you'll look back on 2018 as a year of extraordinary personal growth and happiness.

Romance and relationships are sure to be significant part of your thrill factor this year. On May 25 and again on August 19, Jupiter will be at a beautiful angle to Neptune, the planet of inspiration, now in your true love sector. If single, these are opportune times to meet a soul mate.

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Lightning strikes your love life

Whether you're single or attached, your partnership life is about to be electrified in a rare and stimulating way. Uranus, the planet of sudden change, will dip into your 7th House of Committed Relationships from May 15-November 6. This stretch of time might awaken something inside of you connected to a close partnership. If you are in a relationship but feel as if you and your partner have grown apart, it's possible that you'll seek ways to re-stimulate what you once shared. If, however, you feel this alliance leaves you feeling more stifled than ever before, you might be itching for more freedom.

Uranus in this part of your chart is known to bring sudden beginnings and endings to committed partnerships -- both in business and personal relations. As a result, you might find yourself in unexpected scenarios that leave you rattled and excited all at the same time. Remember though; with the protection of Jupiter in your sign, no matter what happens this year in a relationship, it will ultimately be for your highest good.

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Bumps in the road

Your family life might need attention from June 26-August 27 while Mars travels retrograde in your 4th House of Domestic Life. You and your clan might be working through a significant problem that stresses out everyone you live with. This situation will come to a peak near the July 27 Lunar Eclipse, which activates your 4th house. This eclipse might bring tension connected to a snap decision by your partner. The details around this event might also connect to a move that becomes stressful or a surgical procedure someone in your family is recovering from. Either way, change is in the air.

In other news, your career opportunities are shining in 2018. A Lunar Eclipse on January 31 might bring you a reward or honor while a Solar Eclipse on August 11 might bring stellar advancement. After November 8, your income is likely to rise as well thanks to whatever you begin to set into motion after this August eclipse. This will certainly be a year for you to fly high, Scorpio. See you at the top!

How will the second half of the year play out for YOU? Get personalized predictions now »