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Virgo 2018 Horoscope

A defining moment

This year might be a defining one in matters of the heart. While romance won't be easy, or carefree, there is the potential for you to learn a great deal about yourself and the kind of mate that makes you feel truly supported in life. You, Virgo, want substance in a relationship. In 2018, if you're willing to take an honest look at your love life, you may very well achieve this.

If you begin 2018 feeling an ache of loneliness or disappointment in your love life, take heart: this really is for your own good. Saturn, the planet of discipline and commitment, recently moved into your 5th House of True Love and Pleasure (back in December of 2017). This is a significant and karmic opportunity for you to get real about love in a way that you might not have ever done before. In order to get you to this place of deep revelation, however, he might have to completely remove any romantic opportunities from your life for a brief time. Perhaps you'll begin the New Year breaking up with someone. Or, it's possible that you are going into 2018 already single, but with absolutely no dating prospects. This dry spell will last as long as it needs to in order for you to realistically define what you know you deserve in love. You aren't meant to have a casual affair now -- this is your time to seek out a true love connection. But you can't do this if you're not willing to work through any karmic residue connected to your heart.

Of course, not all Virgos are destined to be single and lonely during Saturn's voyage through the 5th house. In fact, some of you are happily partnered up. So what will Saturn teach you? Expect lessons connected to your creativity, or with children. Having fun may not be as easy thanks to certain responsibilities. Learn to embrace your obligations and find a way to make them fun.

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A way with words

In other news, if you're a writer or work in the communications or sales industry, it's possible that 2018 will be a year you become extra prolific. Jupiter will tour your message sector until November 8, granting you a way with words that is simply remarkable. Use this edge to help in all matters of negotiation, and to enjoy intellectually stimulating learning experiences and conversations with others. In fact, from May 15-November 6 you might have a sudden opportunity to publish a book, or you might make a snap decision to go back to school for an advanced degree.

On November 8 Jupiter will move into your home and family sector, bringing you more domestic joy than you ever dreamed possible.

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Feeling friction

Between June 26-August 27 Mars will travel retrograde, and you might have to work through some frustration with colleagues. It might not be as easy to collaborate on team projects during this time, but if you each learn to honor one another's individual strengths, getting the job done will be a lot easier.

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