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Aquarius 2019 Horoscope

A little help from your friends

You can expect 2019 to be one of your busiest years yet in terms of social involvement, Aquarius. Until December 2 expansive Jupiter will continue to move through your friendship sector, ushering in phenomenal opportunities for you to grow, develop, and experience incredible joy all through your friends and networks. You might meet new and fascinating people over the next year, and many of them are likely to have different religious, spiritual, or cultural backgrounds. You might also find that your friends teach you something significant this year -- expect at least one of your buddies to turn out to be a very wise sage.

Another probability is that you will receive true benefits from a pal -- and no, this isn't about the sexual ones (although, hey, it isn't ruled out). Most likely, at least one friend will have the power to connect you to a VIP or other influential figure that has the ability and desire to help you make one of your most heartfelt dreams come true.

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The company you keep

The only caveat to all this social excitement is the fact that it might somehow drain you financially. Steer clear of loaning friends money or falling for any get-rich-quick scheme a friend tries talking you into. Jupiter will square Neptune in your 2nd House of Earnings on January 13, June 16, and September 21. You aren't seeing things clearly.

This will also be a year where you can look forward to more involvement in group endeavors, so don't be surprised if you suddenly find yourself becoming a "joiner" and signing up to be a part of a club or other organization. Again, you'll find great pleasure in the connections you make by being a part of this social tribe.

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Shaky foundations

Speaking of tribe ... after March 6 you can anticipate major changes when it comes to family matters. Uranus, your ruling planet, will move into your 4th House of Home where he'll remain through April 2026. Yes, Aquarius, there is no doubt about it -- your urge to rebel and shake things up is about to "go home," literally. You might suddenly decide that you can't take living where you are or who you're with for one moment longer. You might also find that there is some type of major change happening in your family dynamic. This doesn't have to be a negative shift, but it is likely to be separative and more liberating on some level. Don't stress about it. Instead, know that something about your living situation has become stale and now all you're doing is correcting things. Why? Because you just don't do very well with ruts.

There's also going to be one last eclipse in a serious on January 21 in your partnership sector. This is a Lunar Eclipse, so if you found 2018 a shaky year in your relationship, it's possible that you and your mate will decide to say goodbye. Don't assume this has to be an ending, though. Lunar Eclipses bring complete illumination about matters. Maybe you just needed to realize how much you love each other.

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