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Cancer 2019 Horoscope

About that relationship...

In 2019, Cancer, your main focus will likely be on your closest associations, both in business and in your personal life. The way you relate is up for transition, and while you're looking for stability, it will soon become clear to you that you can't continue to build anything with a person if the foundation has been laid on quicksand.

This will hold true both for business relationships and in your marriage or a close partnership. Saturn, the planet of structure and commitment, will continue to move through your 7th House of Partnership all year. This once-in-29-years karmic cycle demands that you approach all of your close-knit relationships with maturity and realism. If there is a problem between you and someone close, you won't be able to ignore it. Fortunately, if the two of you are both willing to work through the kinks, there will be key periods during the year that allow you to remain optimistic about the future. On January 31, June 18, and again on November 8, Saturn will create a harmonious link to inspirational Neptune, now in your 9th House of the Higher Mind. This strongly suggests that you won't give up on a relationship if it means enough to you. You'll seek out a mentor or spiritual guidance to help you and your partner carve out a new path together. It can be an enlightening time for both of you.

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Starting anew

Adding to this are eclipses all year that will fall between your 1st House of Self and your 7th House of Partnership. On January 5 a Solar Eclipse in your 7th House will support the initiation of a fresh start between you and your mate. It will also be an auspicious time to begin a new business alliance. On July 2 a Solar Eclipse in your sign will help you create a personal new beginning that will make you feel more inspired, conscious, and authentic. You might make a change to your physical appearance at this time as well. On July 16 a Lunar Eclipse in your partnership sector will absolutely lead to a turning point between you and your mate. For those who know they are in a relationship that is no longer viable, this might be the breaking point. There is no reason to hold on to that sand any longer ... it will always slip through your fingers.

Lastly, another Solar Eclipse in your 7th house wraps up the year on December 26. This eclipse is even more brilliant than the January 5 one, since it will be closely aligned to Jupiter and Uranus. There is a significant opportunity for a new business alliance to be even more profitable than you envision. Go for it!

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Business and pleasure

Aside from the relationship transitions, your career will continue to shift until March 6 as Uranus completes his trek through your 10th House of Profession and Reputation. All of the excitement and instability you felt in this area of your life will begin to settle down. Even so, until December 2 you might be extremely busy with work and assignments thanks to Jupiter moving through your 6th House of Daily Routine. It's OK to decline a project if you feel overwhelmed!

After March 6 Uranus will move into your 11th House of Friends and Group Connections where he'll remain until April 2026. You might grow bored with your current circle of friends and try to seek out more unusual and stimulating social experiences. Don't limit yourself -- the eccentric people you meet have something important to teach you.

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