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Leo 2019 Love Horoscope

So much love

After a year of growth and difficult transitions in love, Leo, you're ready to start off 2019 with a major burst of enthusiasm and optimism about life, love, and the pursuit of your happiness. As you should -- you are a sign naturally connected to all of these areas and should always strive to exude your innate warmth, vitality, and creative spirit in the most generous way possible.

In 2019 that will be extremely natural for you to do thanks in part to Jupiter's help. The planet of expansion and abundance will tour the area of your chart that is naturally aligned to your energy in the zodiac – the 5th house. This is the place where all pleasure is born. In fact, it is the place where life is born, so if you are happily coupled already as the year begins, you and your sweetheart might be quite busy in the baby-making department. You might already be expecting a child!

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A new phase

A Lunar Eclipse on January 21 in your sign will be the last one to pass over you for many years. These eclipses shifted your love life in a significant way in 2018, so the final one now might very well be the culmination of all you've learned about truly giving love. A commitment might deepen, or end if things have not been going well, but either way the most important lesson you'll take with you as a result of this last Leo eclipse is the fulfillment of learning self-love and respect.

If you are completely single in 2019 you have nothing to fear. You've got the very best prospects for love possible thanks to Jupiter moving through your 5th house until December 2. In fact, you might be on the brink of the greatest love of your life. This person will be adventurous, inspirational, and have great wisdom -- all qualities that make your heart melt.

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