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Libra 2019 Love Horoscope

Stability returns!

Libra, are you ready to come up for air and breathe in a huge breath of calm when it comes to your love life? Of course you are, but you probably don't even believe this is possible anymore. Since 2011 you've become used to nothing but a nonstop roller coaster ride when it comes to your love life thanks to Uranus traveling through your partnership sector.

With the planet of sudden change, liberation, and instability in the area of your chart ruling commitment, keeping your marriage or partnership on steady ground has been quite a challenge. For some of you, a separation or divorce occurred, and for others there was an "on again, off again" quality to your relationship for years where the two of you had constantly changing circumstances to navigate.

The urge for freedom also dominated in matters of the heart during this time period, and if you felt stifled in your relationship, it had to change enough to allow you room to do you or else you probably ran for the hills. Single Libras might have experienced plenty of ups and downs as well with sudden romantic encounters and even a hasty wedding or other commitment.

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A change of course

Whatever you experienced through these years taught you how to honor your need to be in a relationship without disowning your need to maintain your separateness. As of March 6, 2019, the universe will have deemed this a lesson learned for you, and Uranus will leave your partnership sector for good. Where is he going next? Your 8th House of Joint Finances. If you're in a relationship, then you and your partner will experience major changes with money you share. The part of your vows that said "For richer or poorer" are about to be awakened in 2019. You and your mate could receive a significant windfall or find that the money you make together grows substantially. Be smart with it while you have it though, because it's also possible that between now and April 2026, Uranus will send you a financial surprise that leaves you reeling instead of celebrating. For this year, however, it all looks good. Your relationship stability returns AND you and your partner are making bank. Get ready for a whole new adventure!

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