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Sagittarius 2019 Love Horoscope

You really can have it all

You've probably got the widest smile possible as you ring in the New Year, Sagittarius -- and you should! You've got every reason to usher in 2019 filled with more exuberance, optimism, and positive vibes than usual, thanks to the fact that Jupiter, your ruling planet, will remain in your sign for most of the year. He edged into Sagittarius back in November 2018, so you already have a little taste of all the goodies your lucky planetary ruler wants to give you. But now that it's a brand-new year, you will truly see what this energy is made of. Lucky for you, it's going to blow up your entire world in the most remarkable way possible.

When it comes to your love life this is especially so. Jupiter will remain in Sagittarius until December 2, so any and all relationships you begin this year (business and personal) have a magical stamp attached to them. These people who are coming into your life genuinely want nothing but the best for you and will do whatever they can to help you achieve what you want most.

In matters of the heart, having Jupiter in your sign is one of the most auspicious cycles possible to help bring you the love of your life. If you're already in a relationship, then you'll enjoy amazing support all year long when it comes to the growth and development of your love life. You might feel completely inspired by your partner and your sweetheart will probably become your good luck charm. Make a wish!

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Back on solid ground

Another fortunate cycle for you in 2019 will be the fact that chaotic Uranus will finally leave your true love sector for good on March 6. He has been in this area of your chart since March of 2011, bringing plenty of excitement to your love life but not a whole lot of stability. Now you'll enjoy a calmer level of butterflies in your stomach when it comes to love. Not because you aren't sure what will happen next. No, it's because you know without a doubt that this year, when it comes to love you can truly have it all.

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