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Scorpio 2019 Love Horoscope

Everything changes

Hold on to your hat, Scorpio, because in 2019 there's little chance you'll be able to hold on to your relationship. At least not in the way you're used to.

Now, before you rush off into a tailspin of panic, understand that the universe is not about to end your current partnership -- not if you and your mate are in love and willing to work together. That's always the key to relationship success. Two people must both be in love and must both be willing to do the work.

Having said that, in 2019 you'll begin to notice a unique set of circumstances and they will change the dynamic of your love life. Number one on this list is Uranus. In fact, this planet will ultimately be responsible for every other circumstance that crops up in your relationship as well. Uranus is the planet that, when working happily, makes us come alive again in ways we never thought we were capable of. We feel the spark of excitement that comes with living. In terms of love, there is someone in your life who will light you up like a Christmas tree and make you feel sparks like crazy. A true romantic adrenaline rush is possible with Uranus moving through your partnership sector starting March 6. And he'll stay in this part of your chart until April 2026, so get used to this electrifying feeling with your mate.

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The other side of the coin

Now, that's the positive spin of Uranus in your 7th House of Commitment. Here's the other angle: Uranus is also the planet of liberation, freedom, and separation. He demands non-tradition, so there is also the potential for you (or your partner) to become extremely bored and restless with the current humdrum routine of coupledom. If you are no longer happy together, then it is possible you'll want more and more space between you. Some space is healthy, but too much can be disastrous -- especially if it leads to an opening for someone new to come into your life who brings you all of that razzle dazzle excitement that makes you come alive.

See the conundrum Scorpio? In 2019 if you're partnered, your challenge will be to ensure sparks are flying for you and your mate because, if they're not, you or your partner might choose to light a fire elsewhere. Now if you're a completely single Scorpio it's a different ball game altogether. Las Vegas wedding, anyone?

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