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Taurus 2019 Horoscope

Everything changes

Make no mistake about it, Taurus: by the time 2019 is over there will be significant areas in your life that are unrecognizable to you. Almost everything about your world is in flux this year. Now, before this completely freaks you out (change does tend to make you nervous), take a breath and understand that if you participate in this process then you will be able to help design a life that is more suited to the true essence of who you are. That old you? He or she has become stuck in a terrible, complacent rut. The universe recognizes this and is about to call you out on your old patterns. Why? Because the truth, Taurus, is that they no longer serve you and your soul growth. So don't fight it. Change is happening in 2019, and you will not only survive it, you will thrive from it.

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Uranus' upheaval

This shift is due to the cosmic liberator of the zodiac, Uranus, moving into Taurus on March 6. He briefly visited your sign in 2018 from May 15 - November 6, but this is the year when he sets his sights on a full-fledged tour of Taurus. He'll spend the next several years (until April 2026) making his way through all 30 degrees of your sign, which means at some point you will get a direct hit of this chaotic, life-awakening energy. Those Taureans with April birthdays are going to have the most significant life changes in 2019 as a result, but every Taurus out there is feeling the buzz. Uranus' electromagnetic charge has quite a reach!

You might notice that you're feeling an overall sense of restlessness -- a growing sense of dissatisfaction with the current state of your life and any perceived lack of freedom to be who you know you are and do what your heart desires. This will come out most dominantly in your personal relationships, your physical appearance, and your career path. Major changes are on the horizon this year in all of these areas. Even if life throws a few earthquakes your way, if you can keep your perspective then, once the dust settles, you will understand that in order to fully come alive again, the wrecking ball had to strike first. Remember: YOU are not being wrecked -- the life that has prevented you from being your most liberated, visionary, individual self will be. Anyone who supports the authentic you will stay, and anyone who doesn't? They're out.

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Opportunities for growth

In other news, 2019 will bring interesting developments in finances. With Jupiter moving through your 8th House of Other People's Money until December 2, you might experience a surge in funds through royalties, commissions, passive income structures, or even an inheritance. Be careful not to spend it on an unrealistic dream though. You're typically so good with money, but with Jupiter square Neptune on January 13, June 16, and September 21, you might be disappointed in an investment or sink way too much money into something or someone you believe in. Careful!

If you have a strong message you want to broadcast to others, this is your year. Saturn in your 9th House of Philosophy encourages you to build a solid foundation around your beliefs as well as to convey your wisdom with absolute authority. On January 31, June 18, and November 8, Saturn will make a harmonious link to Neptune in your 11th House of Groups, encouraging you to take a multimedia-communications venture to the next level. You might also teach what you know to large groups of people in another way. There are many options to spread your wisdom, and your friends and social networks will support you.

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Spreading the news

The eclipses in 2019 round out this theme of communications, so if you have dreamt of publishing a book, teaching, public speaking, writing, or doing television/radio work to spread your message, the cosmic forces are sure to help you. January 5, July 2, July 16, and December 26 are eclipse dates to note.

There will be one "extra" eclipse this year that will affect your home and family life. On January 21, a Lunar Eclipse will illuminate your domestic 4th house, and it's possible that you'll hear dramatic news from a relative or will be making a literal move.

As you can see, Taurus, 2019 will not be a year for you to fly under the radar. No matter where you go and what you do it appears that you're destined to make some noise. If there's anyone out there who can pull off a beautiful racket, it's you!

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