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Taurus 2019 Love Horoscope

Excitement and expansion

In 2018 your sign enjoyed the best possible support for love and relationships with Jupiter being in your partnership sector. A significant number of single Taureans found true love that turned into an exclusive relationship or committed partnership. Taureans who are already committed enjoyed a major growth spurt in relationship dynamics with their mate.

As 2019 opens up, you don't have to worry about your romantic luck running dry. As a matter of fact, it seems as if this is the year you get to see what grows between you and your partner from the seeds you planted together in 2018. Spoiler alert: the bounty looks delicious!

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A team effort

This year, until December 2, Jupiter will move through your 8th House of Shared Resources and Deep Intimacy. For many it'll be a time when you find that, together, the two of you are quite financially fertile. You and your partner might see a serious influx of cash flow together, or decide to make a joint investment such as a home purchase. Whatever you do with your finances, it should make the both of you smile.

You'll also enjoy a boost in satisfaction when it comes to your intimate life together. You'll feel that the bond you have is like a dream come true in many ways; and guess what ... it is! But, Taurus, you manifested this, so please, don't sabotage it by thinking it's too good to be true. It's as good as you allow it to be. Trust what you're feeling and give yourself permission to be vulnerable.

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A great awakening

With Uranus in your sign from March 6 on through April of 2026, you can look forward to some of the most exciting years of your life. Your love life is certainly number one on the list of areas you can anticipate major shifts. Happily, in 2019 it seems as if you get to be in the driver's seat of these changes. If you're still single, there will be plenty of dating opportunities for you, and you can look forward to meeting people who stimulate you in ways you have never experienced before. One way or another, a great awakening will happen in your heart in 2019. You are truly blessed.

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