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Virgo 2019 Horoscope

No games in love

You've got your work cut out for you in 2019 when it comes to matters of the heart, children, and your creative efforts. Fortunately, you're the sign who loves taking care of the dirtiest jobs, so you're not about to shy away from a challenge.

Saturn, the planet of discipline, maturity, and commitment, will continue moving through your true love sector all year long, helping you define what it is you truly want as well as what you have to offer in love. You're not interested in casual affairs or games, Virgo; you want substance. If you're completely single, the universe is likely to bring you a vital lesson in love that will help get you closer to this goal. You might even reach it.

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Hookups and breakups

On January 5 a Solar Eclipse will fall in your romance sector, igniting the potential for you to meet someone new. This may or may not be a relationship that lasts, but you are certainly going to put in a valiant effort. Expect a turning point (for better or worse) at the July 16 Lunar Eclipse in the same area of your chart. This is when you'll either realize you're ready for a more solid commitment or you'll decide that you're just not getting what you want from this connection. If you end up being completely single again, don't stress -- Saturn is bringing you lessons here, remember? Lessons you are meant to master in order to reap the ultimate reward: solid love.

A Solar Eclipse on December 26 falls in your romance sector again, and this one is extra blessed. You might finish off the year meeting and falling for your one true love. Love might also lead to sweet commitment near January 31, June 18, or November 8 when Saturn makes a harmonious link to Neptune, now in your partnership sector. If you're already in a relationship, then you and your sweetheart might try for a baby.

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All in the family

Speaking of babies, if you have children, whether with your current partner or an ex, there will be karmic situations for you to address with them in 2019. Saturn wants to remind you that the only way to parent is to show up, be responsible, and be the right kind of authority figure to your little ones. If there are any kinks in your relationship with your children, this is the year Saturn will expose them and offer you an opportunity to make things right.

Family expansion is possible for you this year thanks to Jupiter moving through your 4th House of Home and Family until December 2. With Jupiter here, there is yet another possible indication of a baby on the way for some. For others, this is about upsizing your living situation in a way that makes you truly happy. Whether it's moving to a new and more peaceful home or having someone move in with you, the end result will be a sense of joy. Your relationship with family will also improve and enjoy support this year, and that's always a blessing.

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The open road

Finances will begin to stabilize after March 6, much to your relief. Uranus has been in your 8th House of Other People's Resources since March 2011, bringing plenty of ups and downs in your partner's income as well as with your investments and debt. Once Uranus leaves this part of your chart for good, you'll begin to see things calm down here. You might even suddenly pay off a large chunk of debt or receive a financial windfall.

After March 6 Uranus will move into your 9th House of Higher Mind, and suddenly you might find yourself going back to school to study for an advanced degree or making plans to travel more in order to soak up new cultures and life experiences. Your beliefs might also radically change over the next few years. Your mind is open. More open than ever before. What flies into it will leave you forever changed.

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