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Libra Horoscope: April 2013

Relationships 2.0

Your uncharacteristically bold approach to interacting with others continues this month, with the confidence-building Sun in energetic Aries heating up your 7th House of Partners. Your considerable social skills may reach an unprecedented level of effectiveness with the enterprising Aries New Moon on April 10. This exceptional union of the Sun and Moon is joined by vivacious Venus and macho Mars, sending your charm, creativity, and sex appeal into the stratosphere.

Watch out, though, lest you project all this goodness onto someone else and make him or her the object of your desire. A high-intensity attraction is healthy, as long as you receive as much appreciation as you give. Prepare for verbal duels when sharp-tongued Mercury enters combative Aries on April 13. Provocative speech can stir up conflict, but it might also open minds to bright new ideas with Mercury's tense aspects to shocking Uranus on April 20 and insightful Pluto on April 21.

You can begin a slower and more pragmatic assessment of alliances when your ruling planet, Venus, enters earthy Taurus and your 8th House of Deep Sharing on April 15. Steadiness and reliability are worth more to you now than excitement and freedom.

This practical perspective grows with the Sun's entry into dependable Taurus on April 19, followed by Mars on April 20. Don't give in to stubborn individuals, even when holding your ground produces tension. It's vital to trust yourself if you're going to create the personal intimacy or professional cooperation that you desire.

If the intense Scorpio Full Moon conjunct to severe Saturn in your 2nd House of Resources on April 25 causes you to question your worth, concentrate your efforts on what you do best can restore your confidence.

Keep in Mind this Month

Taking a more realistic view of others now may dim some of the stars in your eyes, but it will ensure that you have more rewarding alliances in the future.

Key Dates for Libra


April 6-7: Take a Chance on Love

You can veer off into fantasyland on April 6 as Venus and Mars form slippery semisquares with illusory Neptune. Questionable decisions come from letting hope overcome logic. Nevertheless, artistic and romantic inspiration enhances your power of attraction when Venus and Mars hook up in your 7th House of Partners on April 7. An exciting connection happens when you make the first move and bring something new to the table. Rekindling passion in a current union or striking a spark for a new one requires a little risk-taking, rather than playing it safe or sitting on the fence.

April 28: No Easy Way Out

Only your total commitment to hard work will bring you respect with a demanding Sun-Saturn opposition in your resource and economic houses. Venus's passage over the karmic South Node of the Moon in Taurus, though, can be like a skulking child who doesn't take responsibility for his or her actions. Don't freeze up out of fear or laziness; diving in to resolve a crisis once and for all.

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