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April 2018 Horoscope: You Get What You Give

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You might get the sense early in the month that your efforts to climb up your personal mountain of success are futile and frustrating. It's as if you're being forced to climb up the mountain while wearing a backpack filled with rocks. It's no wonder you feel so weighed down!

Fortunately, if you're able to stay the course, you'll see a major shift in your ability to get what you want in terms of your most worldly ambitions by the middle of the month. Mars, the planet of assertive drive, will align with Saturn on April 2, making you keenly aware of your limitations and where you need to slow down and regroup. Mercury, currently retrograde, will square off with Mars on April 4, helping you face the facts and make any necessary course corrections. Yes, even if this makes you angry you'll need to make those adjustments. If you do the work, however, you'll see a major shift once Mercury turns direct after April 15 and Mars gains strength with a supportive sextile to Jupiter on April 24 and a conjunction to Pluto on April 26. Major. It's as if all those rocks you've been carrying have suddenly turned you into a muscular powerhouse capable of anything -- and so it will be.

In other news, a dynamic New Moon in Aries will occur on April 15, which is the same day trickster Mercury wakes up from his nap. This New Moon is asking you to take a radical new approach as you pursue your individuality. Just remember that while you are in personal pioneering mode, it's possible that someone in your life will try to snuff your light out. Don't let them.

Love planet Venus slides into chatty Gemini on April 24 and remains there through May 19. Matters of the heart will become cerebral and logical, which might be a welcome change of pace if you have recently felt that there have been too many feels and not enough thinking in your love life.

The month winds down with a beautifully intense Scorpio Full Moon, however, so there will be one more dose of significant emotional energy between you and someone close. Fortunately, it is a well-supported lunation which will allow for fulfillment in intimacy between you and your lover. All you have to do is decide to embrace it. Once you do, there is a perfect balance between head and heart available.

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