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Gemini Love Horoscope for April 2018

Beauty is skin deep

You might very well feel as if you need a confidence booster. You might be quite weary in matters of the heart until April 24 for several reasons. Mercury remains retrograde in your 11th House of Community until April 15, which means it will be difficult to convey what you really want to do socially in order to get to know someone romantically. On a mundane level, this could mean that those internet dating profiles you have been checking out are not what they seem. In fact, you might even go out on a date with someone early in the month that completely misrepresents themselves. Another possibility is that you'll be accused of doing this. Dating might feel like a source of endless frustration until April 24 for another reason. Venus will be in your 12th House of Privacy, making it more likely for you to attract romantic interests with significant secrets to keep -- or even someone who is in a committed relationship with someone else! Be careful.

Honestly, Gemini, you might be ready for a makeover by April 24, both internally and externally. Happily, the universe has your back. At this time, Venus will enter Gemini where she'll remain through May 19. Suddenly, you'll feel as if you're transforming from the caterpillar trapped in her cocoon to the stunningly beautiful butterfly. You'll realize that where you've felt stuck in matters of the heart has only been a prison of your own doing. The truth is, you're quite a catch, and now, because YOU believe it, everyone else will. Sure, beauty is only skin deep, but it doesn't hurt to strut your stuff every once in a while. Work it!

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