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Virgo Love Horoscope for August 2014

He's just not that into you

You might have a few things to sort out in private regarding your love between August 12 and September 5. Perhaps there's a situation you've struggled with recently having to do with feelings you have for someone who can't -- or won't -- reciprocate. This person might be otherwise committed or just not into you. Whatever the case, it appears you've been taking it personally, and giving in to unrealistic fantasies about him or her.

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This month, it's time to really sit with your feelings and consider why you're pining away over someone you can't have. Is it because deep down inside this is the only way you feel it's safe to love? After all, if a relationship is only in your head, how could the person truly break your heart?

Or, is there another fear keeping you from pursuing real live love? The good news is that a promising New Moon in your sign on August 25 might help you out with a vital personal fresh start. Become the person you're meant to be, and walk into a new phase where you give yourself permission to love someone. For real.

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