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Leo Love Horoscope for August 2018


The universe seems to center on you this month, Leo. While you might normally break out into a gigantic smile over the thought of this, in August all of the cosmic attention isn't necessarily going to be smooth sailing and positive. Mercury remains retrograde in your sign until August 19, while a potent Solar Eclipse falls in Leo on the 11th. The eclipse does promise a major fresh start for you in life, love, and the pursuit of your personal happiness. Yes. It's there.

The trouble is that with Mercury retrograde at the time of this eclipse you'll clearly need to get over a mental stump before you can move forward. An old paradigm you have about yourself and/or a relationship really needs to go, but you're being quite stubborn about it. Leo, if you don't make this shift, you're truly going to block the best of what's to come. This applies whether you're single or in a relationship.

Partnered Leos will see a bit of relief from August 12-27 when Mars retrogrades out of your relationship sector and into your work sector. The conflict you and your mate feel won't subside completely, but you'll know by month's end the worst is over. If you fight next month, you'll fight fairly.

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