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The Dragon's 2012 Chinese Horoscope

2012 promises to be one of the Dragon's best years ever. Water Dragon years are dynamic, surprising and refreshing, offering plenty of opportunity for flamboyant Dragons to shine. Starting a new business, diving into a passionate romance, and breaking a bad habit are among the many possibilities available to this sign. Dragons need to dream big this year, or they'll miss a golden opportunity to fulfill their potential. Luck like this occurs only once every twelve years, so Dragons really need to obey their impulses and reach for the stars.

Health will be robust for Dragons throughout the year, provided they lead active, stimulating lives. Fortunately, Water Dragon years are often filled with lavish parties, fun vacations and glamorous outings. By balancing hard work with plenty of play, members of this sign will stay healthy.

Home life will be especially rewarding for Dragons throughout 2012. Moving to a new place is possible. Water Dragon years are ideal for fresh beginnings. There's a good chance many Dragons will feel compelled to have a baby, even if they thought their child-rearing days were over. Alternately, many members of this sign will adopt animals, either to keep their existing pets company or to enliven their domestic sphere.

All Dragons should be aware that Water Dragon years place a great emphasis on charity. Therefore, members of this sign have a responsibility to share their abundance with others. The more caring and compassionate Dragons are during 2012, the greater rewards they will reap.