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The Tiger's Love Horoscope for 2012

The passionate Tiger will have to work hard to keep love alive during the Year of the Water Dragon. Distractions will abound this year, so Tigers in committed relationships should lavish their partners with love and affection. The more cherished and desired the Tiger's lover feels, the less likely a dalliance will occur. There's also a chance this sign will be tempted to stray, particularly if things have gotten boring in the bedroom. Fortunately, Water Dragon years are highly conducive to experimentation. That means most couples will be receptive to trying new lovemaking techniques throughout 2012.

Single Tigers have their best chance for romance in the spring, when there will be plenty of time to mix and mingle at various hotspots. Dragon years are famous for being filled with pomp and circumstance. Going to fancy restaurants and nightclubs will prove very enjoyable, especially for the alluring Tiger. Attracting romantic attention throughout 2012 will be child's play for this sexy sign.