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2016 Year of the Monkey Horoscopes

Energy, drama, and innovation abound in this Chinese year

By Stephanie Dempsey

Associated with mischief, the Year of the Red Fire Monkey will be one of adventure, curiosity, and innovation. The trend of steady growth and ethical leadership will be abandoned for excitement -- expect to see lots of drama in the public sphere throughout 2016! Wild behavior, bold trends, and attention-getting antics characterize Monkey years. 

This year will be a great time to solve problems and invent gadgets. Anyone working in a technological or creative field is sure to benefit from this innovative energy. More conservative industries like finance, real estate development, and manufacturing can suffer from fads, hasty decisions, and impulsive behavior, though.

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Trickery is often associated with the Monkey year, so it's very important to get second and even third opinions about major moves. Don't hesitate to perform background checks on prospective employees and romantic partners. Find out if any complaints have been filed against doctors, lawyers, and contractors before enlisting their services. When in doubt, go with seasoned professionals who have a long history of excellent service. The last thing you want is to be taken for a ride by an unscrupulous opportunist. 

With regard to personal improvement programs, furthering education will yield the most impressive results. Undertaking a challenging course of study is strongly advised, especially for scholars who are passionate about their subject.

Because it's a Red Fire year, this period will be characterized by drama, excitement, and showmanship. The fashion world will opt for bright colors and daring styles. Humorous books, movies, and television shows will prove wildly successful on the entertainment front. Romance will be intense, passionate, and extreme -- it's easy to fall head over heels in love during a Red Fire year. It will be a time of action, not reflection. 

Take the motivational energy of this Red Fire year to strive toward something bold. When it comes to dreams, playing it safe will not pay off in the Year of the Red Fire Monkey!

Keep reading for your sign's Year of the Monkey Horoscope.

Rat Horoscope

You would do very well transitioning to a new career this year. The Year of the Fire Monkey rewards Rats who pursue their heart's desire on the professional front. Real estate ventures can yield wealth for your resourceful sign. Money can also be gained through legal channels. The Rat should be very protective of their health, taking care to rest frequently and drink lots of water. Working around the clock can cause fever, anxiety, and kidney problems. Take at least one relaxing vacation in 2016.

Ox Horoscope 

The calm and collected Ox should prepare for professional challenges in the Year of the Monkey. Instead of resting on your laurels, strive to exceed expectations and improve weak areas. Money will become available through innovation, like offering new products and services. Stretching exercises will promote good health, as well as emotional versatility. Pay careful attention to your digestive system, though, avoiding rich food and excessive alcohol. The Year of the Red Fire Monkey will also benefit shy Oxen who push themselves to join clubs and sports teams. 

Tiger Horoscope 

Brave, powerful, and stately, the Tiger will be called upon to make order out of chaos in the Year of the Red Fire Monkey. Instead of leaving a job, it's better for to stay put and implement improvements. Moneymaking prospects won't be fabulous, so be financially conservative this year. Tigers that further their education will make the most gains. Nervous tension can be a problem for you though; a slow, steady pace wins the race for Tigers in 2016. 

Rabbit Horoscope 

The Year of the Red Fire Monkey offers plenty of professional excitement for the ambitious Rabbit. Finding a new job or moving into a more rewarding industry could happen for many members of this sign. The artistic Rabbit will draw inspiration from this year's creative energy. Lovable Rabbits will be even more popular than usual, making the rounds of parties and exclusive get-togethers. But Monkey years can make your sign accident prone; the smart Rabbit will wear safety equipment and avoid risky behavior throughout 2016. 

Dragon Horoscope 

The vital Dragon will get some exciting career opportunities this year. Your managerial skills will be much needed during the Year of the Red Fire Monkey; if any sign can make order of this chaotic time, it's yours. An unexpected inheritance, tax refund, or legal settlement can also enrich your coffers in 2016. Digestive problems can wreak havoc with the Dragon's system, though. Staying away from rich food and excess alcohol is strongly advised -- wise Dragons practice moderation in Monkey Years. 

Snake Horoscope 

The Year of the Red Fire Monkey will present at least one opportunity for career advancement to the cunning Snake. Although this promotion may be small, it's worth celebrating. Working for a different division or answering to another boss can greatly benefit you. Unemployed Snakes would be wise to donate time and resources to a volunteer organization in 2016. Monkey Years give rewards to philanthropic Snakes. Take it easy at the gym, though. Fire years can tempt Snakes to push their bodies too hard. 

Horse Horoscope 

The independent Horse will benefit from the creative energy 2016 affords. The Year of the Fire Monkey rewards those who are innovative and daring. If you want to start your own business, launch a new product, or provide an innovative service, go for it. Friends can lead to professional opportunities for you, too -- Monkey years are highly social for the Horse. The fast pace of 2016 could cause health problems and anxiety, though, so deep breathing exercises and relaxation techniques are strongly advised. 

Sheep Horoscope 

The Year of the Red Fire Monkey will urge you shy Sheep to showcase your talent! Professional opportunities are available if you summon your courage and take some risks. Monkey years reward Sheep that are confident, direct, and optimistic. Old friendships could give way to new ones this year. Be open to meeting new people and going out more often. Lastly, a diet primarily comprised of lean protein, whole grains, and fresh produce will keep you healthy throughout frenetic 2016. 

Monkey Horoscope 

The intelligent Monkey will have a wonderful chance to launch a business venture in 2016. The Year of the Red Fire Monkey will confer professional success for creative, bold, and flexible Monkeys. Extra money won't be forthcoming this year; it's a time to plant seeds, not sow them. A quickly expanding social circle will keep you busy -- socializing, innovating and brainstorming with others can benefit you now. Playing sports will promote good health, too.  

Rooster Horoscope 

The Year of the Red Fire Monkey will pose many professional challenges to the capable Rooster. It's best to practice financial restraint during 2016 -- reducing expenses can be result in a handsome nest egg. Too much time on social media sites can be a waste of valuable time during this frivolous year, though. Wise Roosters will channel their energy into health initiatives, since the Year of the Red Fire Monkey can bring renewed vitality your way. 

Dog Horoscope 

The intense energy of the Year of the Red Fire Monkey may cause other signs to sweat, but not the diligent Dog. Instead, you'll watch and wait for the perfect career opportunity and then pounce when the time is right. Unemployed Dogs have a great chance of finding steady jobs that offer creative fulfillment. If you're already employed, you can earn money through freelance work. Proper sleeping habits will also help the Dog make the most of this amusing year. 

Pig Horoscope 

For the Pig to enjoy a successful Year of the Red Fire Monkey, draw strength from friends. Fortunately, it's easy for your charming sign to draw influential people into your social network. Professional prospects will stay strong for Pigs that establish themselves as team players. Monkey Years reward creative collaborations. Because 2016 could be extremely busy, take care to factor in plenty of rest time. Running from one activity to another could result in burnout. Naps can prove tremendously therapeutic.

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