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Aries Horoscope: December 2013

Over the rainbow

You are drawn toward extreme adventure this month because distant places and mind-expanding activities are calling you to fly far away. On December 2, the restless Sagittarius New Moon falls in your 9th House of Big Ideas, arousing the desire to widen your horizons. Metaphysical Neptune's square to this lunation taps into a spiritual yearning or, less desirably, pulls you toward unrealistic fantasies that are likely to remain out of reach. Innovative Uranus, though, forms a favorable trine to this Sun-Moon conjunction, creating unexpected opportunities for travel and learning.

This is perfect timing since intellectual Mercury launches into cavalier Sagittarius on December 4 to open your mind and inspire bolder speech. Your ruling planet, Mars, enters diplomatic Libra and your 7th House of Partners on December 7, an excellent time for initiating new connections, taking a current relationship to a higher level, or going public with an important project. Still, be sure to tread lightly and listen to the feedback you receive rather than plunging ahead impulsively.

The Full Moon in versatile Gemini on December 17 kicks up communication in your 3rd House of Data Collection. Chatting with others is useful for gathering information, especially when it comes to filling in the blanks where you have big ideas but lack some key data.

The Winter Solstice is marked by the Sun's entry into responsible Capricorn and your 10th House of Career on Dec 21, boosting your ambition and increasing your public responsibilities. Amicable Venus, also in the 10th House of Career, turns retrograde later in the day, reminding you to repair professional relationships and perhaps reconnect with old colleagues. Mercury moves into your 10th house on December 24, challenging you to clear your mind and get busy organizing work-related projects.

Keep in Mind this Month

It's easy to find the motivation and discipline to persevere through thick and thin when you are reaching for a goal that passionately inspires you.

Key Dates for Aries

December 25: Independence Day

Expect an explosive holiday with an electrifying Mars-Uranus opposition ready to unleash surprises and undercut cooperation. Your nervous energy and impatience could accumulate and mar your judgment, perhaps even leading to an argument or accident. But instead of acting rashly or rebelling against old rules and traditions just to be contrary, seek a fresh way to celebrate that captures the brilliance of this dynamic aspect in a positive manner.


December 30-31: Yell Fire!

The year ends with a bang as an anti-authoritarian Sun-Uranus square and a ruthless Mars-Pluto square ignite rebellious feelings on December 30. It might not take much to push your buttons; powerful emotions have already been growing and are ripe for expression. Mouthy Mercury enters the picture on December 31 with a conjunction to potent Pluto and a provocative square to combative Mars that could produce angry words. Taming your temper and saying what's on your mind with as much self-restraint as possible could avoid an end-of-the-year meltdown.

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