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Sagittarius Love Horoscope for December 2013

A blaze of glory

The month starts like a house on fire with the New Moon in your enthusiastic sign on December 2. This lunation increases your urge for adventure, making you restless for changes in your personal life. You could feel like a horse in the starting gate who is ready to run, yet taking too many chances and speaking too bluntly could produce more pain than pleasure.

If you're looking to gamble on love, do your best to do it intelligently to avoid a big disappointment. Even if you're the type of Sagittarian who doesn't mind taking risks, there are two planetary factors that call for restraint this month. The first is the entry of normally aggressive Mars into polite Libra on December 7.

Being overly assertive can be a major turnoff as a more gracious approach to relationships is recommended. This includes a willingness to objectively listen to others and make compromises when necessary. We're not talking about surrendering your core principles, but it does include accepting activities and attitudes that are different than yours rather than being judgmental about them.

The other factor is amorous Venus' presence in disciplined Capricorn. The heart is contained and, perhaps, restrained by this orderly transit. Planning, patience and persistence will bring you closer to bliss than impulsive behavior. Normally, Venus marches through a sign in about a month but her stay in staid Capricorn lasts until March 2, 2014 due to Venus' retrograde turn on December 21 and the subsequent six weeks she will spend in reverse.

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