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Cancer Horoscope: December 2015

There is no I in team

Romance is on the agenda this month. If you're single, pay close attention to dating opportunities between December 4 and 30. Venus will move through your true love sector so if you're looking for love, there's every chance that it'll find you. December 11, 17, and 24 are all glittering for you in this regard and will be ideal for date nights. Be out and about so that you put yourself in the best possible position to meet someone special.

If you're looking for new work, polish up your resume and send it out after December 11. A New Moon in your workaday sector will make it easy for you to secure a new job or extra freelance assignment. If you're a business owner, this will be a great time to hire staff.

Communication between you and a business partner might be fragile around December 19 and December 20. This may be a time where the two of you have a difficult time making important decisions together. Or, you might be quarreling about several things that all have to do with power and control. Remember that you are partners. If you're married this might be a time of argument between you and your spouse.

Thankfully, all will be well by December 25. A Full Moon in your sign will be extra sweet promising emotional fulfillment for you and beautiful holiday moments with the ones you love.

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