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Aries Love Horoscope for February 2014

Bask in the glow

This month, love may seem too good to be true. That's because on Valentine's Day -- February 14 -- a dazzling Full Moon will illuminate your romance sector. If you're dating someone new or in a committed relationship, this lunation will help make your Valentine's weekend extra special. Expect to be wined, dined, and swept off your feet by your sweetheart. Lavish gifts, fairy tale romance … it's all yours for the taking!

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If you're single it's possible that this Full Moon will offer you an opportunity to meet someone special while you're out mingling with friends. Attend a party or dinner event -- even if it means going solo. You'll have a great time and might even meet someone who captures your heart.

The only potential fly in the ointment is the fact that from February 6-28 Mercury will be retrograde. Not only will this add communication mishaps to every area of your life, but from February 12 onward it'll specifically target your social life. A misunderstanding with a friend is possible, so avoid talking too much about your love life issues during this time. You don't want your pal to gossip about what goes on in your life behind closed doors. You should keep the same thing in mind about respecting your friend's love life privacy since you may be the one who inadvertently spills more information to a group of friends than your pal wanted to share.

Still, overall, this will be a month of incredible opportunity for fulfillment in love. Enjoy every drop!