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Capricorn Love Horoscope for February 2014

Anything is possible

There's terrific news for you in the love department! Now that Venus has finally turned direct in your sign you'll feel as if your heart is waking up after a long, inconvenience of a nap. From December 21 to January 31 the planet of love and self-worth was retrograde in your sign. This presented a time of looking within as it related to your love life and personal feelings of beauty and worth. If you spent those last few weeks re-evaluating these areas then it's likely you also decided to make a few changes.

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This didn't have to be a decision to end a relationship -- especially if things are going well. Instead, you might have committed to putting more effort into your partnership instead of other areas of your life. Maybe, for example, you've been prioritizing career pursuits so much that your mate began to feel slighted. If so, you may now see things in a different light. Not only can you rectify any wrongs that have occurred in your love life, but you can also take on a more responsible approach that will help ensure this romance lasts.

On February 24 Venus will make a gorgeous link to Saturn adding even more stability to your love life. If you're single and have a date with someone a friend introduces you to, this may be a time when you feel the scent of possibility in the air.

If married, on February 26 your partner may shock you with unexpected news that will affect your entire clan. He or she will be quite excited about this however you will need to be the one who keeps both feet firmly planted on the ground. Someone has to.