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Pisces Love Horoscope for February 2014

Slow start, strong finish

Go easy on yourself in February -- especially if your sweetheart accuses you of not communicating in an open manner. It's unlikely that you intend to come across in a less than honest way. In fact, you probably aren't. The trouble is that on February 6 and until February 28, Mercury will turn retrograde affecting your ability to communicate clearly.

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This will be especially true from February 6-12 since Mercury will be retrograde in your sign on those days. After that, Mercury will still affect your ability to move forward easily in partnership matters because this planet happens to rule your relationship sector. Do what you can to delay important decisions about your relationship since you might regret your choices or find that they require a change of course if you act now.

On February 18 the Sun will enter your sign, allowing you to shine your brightest qualities out into the world with greater ease. This will be quite an edge for you in terms of magnetism if you hope to attract someone new into your life. On February 23 the Sun will embrace mystical Neptune, also in your sign. You'll exude "soul mate" potential and might feel especially romantic around this time. A date with someone new might involve the arts or at a setting near water.

Another day for a possible sudden romantic encounter this month falls on February 26. You might unexpectedly decide to make the first move and ask someone special out on this day. Yes, it will boost your self-confidence in an extraordinary way. Still, expect fun but not substance. If you want to meet someone with soul mate qualities wait until February 28. Your prospects will glow.

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