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Scorpio Love Horoscope for February 2014

Back on track

This month, whether or not you enjoy a happy love life depends on your current relationship status. If you're in a committed partnership then you may see a dramatic improvement compared to how things were over the last month or so. That's because Venus, the ruler of your relationship sector, has now turned direct. She began moving forward in your communication sector and as February advances you might notice that your ability to talk to one another is strengthened.

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If you're casually dating someone however, or playing the field, February might be extra difficult for love -- at least the first half of it. Mercury will turn retrograde on February 6 in the area of your chart that rules romance and new dating experiences. You may feel confused about whether or not you're actually falling in love with someone, and if so, you'll want to slow things down until next month.

Another possibility is that you'll find yourself wrapped up in a love triangle of sorts. You might be dating someone and things are going great. Then, out of the blue, your ex contacts you and before you know it all of those old feelings rush back in. Whatever you do, don't give into any urgency to make a final decision about love this month. Romance may be at an all-time high with someone special near February 23-24 tempting you to make a choice or declare your undying love for someone. Be patient. If those feelings are genuine then they're not going anywhere. Wait for February 28 when clarity returns. Then you'll know that whatever love you profess is coming from both your heart and your head.