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February 2018 Horoscope: A Mixed Bag

Read your monthly horoscope for February 2018

Romance fills the air after February 10 thanks to Venus moving into gentle, mystical Pisces. Until March 6, everyone will either be looking for their ultimate soul mate or holding on to the fairytale romance they already have. The magic heightens on February 21 when Venus and Neptune embrace, creating a hypnotic spell for all in matters of the heart. Will you be swept away?

A stunning Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on February 15 will be at a gorgeous link to Uranus, the lord or ruler of this Eclipse. This rare and favorable connection promises a new start in group-related or humanitarian endeavors, as well as the ability for you to finally begin pursuing that quirky aspiration you've held in your heart for way too long.

If you have any important action to take, wait until after the hazy energy of February 17 passes. Mars will square off with Neptune at this time, creating more confusion and mixed messages around action taken. This will prove frustrating not only for you, but for anyone else in your environment trying to get anything important off the ground. It's a better idea to use this cycle for imaginative pursuits rather than anything connected to your major goals and ambitions. Sexual fantasies might also be more interesting than your sexual reality at this time, so if there's a disappointing experience in bed, know that it's only temporary.

The month comes to a close with some frustrating communication links. Mercury and Neptune align on February 25, and Mercury will square off with Mars on February 28. There might be a conversation you have with someone that misleads you during these days. If so, you may become quite angry and argumentative about it. In fact, your words will bite.

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