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Capricorn Love Horoscope for February 2018

Sweet talker

You'll have all the moves this month, at least when it comes to your words. Venus will tour your communication sector from February 10 through March 6. This will give you an incredible ability to speak from the heart, something that will go a long way towards fortifying your romantic connection. If you're dating someone new, this is a time where you'll be able to reveal your true feelings about anything you discuss. Know that in doing so, you're drawing your sweetheart closer to you. If you are in an established relationship, it's possible that you and your honey will be making a vital decision at some point concerning a financial matter or the state of your relationship. Don't worry, it all looks promising! In fact, on February 21 you might enjoy a blissful conversation with your love that will leave you filled with more optimism than you've ever had before about this relationship.

The one day where you may be frustrated in communication is on February 17 when you might feel as though you need to hide your true motivations in order to get what you want in your love life. Don't resort to sneaky moves because that tactic won't serve either of you well. Another possibility is that you'll just feel low on energy at this time and it'll put a snag in what might otherwise be a romantic evening. Remind your lover that you don't always have to enjoy the physical aspect of your relationship together. Sometimes it's nice to just crack open a bottle of wine, snuggle up on the couch, and just talk. It'll be oh so sweet.

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