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Gemini Career Horoscope: January 2013

Proceed with Caution

Focusing on your professional priorities should be foremost in your mind in January. The month and year begin with the Sun in responsible and ambitious Capricorn and your 8th House of Shared Resources. Even if you feel constrained by someone else's rigidity, it's smart to show that you know how to play by the rules before you consider trying to change them.

Your brainy ruling planet Mercury is also in this part of your chart, requiring concentration and attention to details. Being more circumspect in what you say is better than making promises that may be hard to keep. Earning trust and respect and working with those on whom you can rely is essential.

Still, your mind may wander and your mouth could get loose when chatty Mercury is electrified by impulsive Uranus on January 3. Brilliant ideas may pop up intuitively, but some might be reckless and what you say can sound unrealistic. The next day energetic Mars aligns favorably with boundless Jupiter in your sign, continuing to expand your activities and your thinking. But reining in your plans is important from January 6-8, as first Mercury, then Mars and then sociable Venus all run into restrictive patterns. A more cautious and conservative approach to work-related issues is recommended.

These patterns change on January 18, when Mercury is lofted into inventive Aquarius, followed there the next day by the Sun. These transits expand your vision and make positive long-distance communication more likely. Mercury's trine with Jupiter on January 22 says yes, yes, yes, but you need to make a tough choice before Saturn does it for you on January 25.