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Capricorn Love Horoscope for January 2015

Speak your truth

A Full Moon in your relationship sector on January 4 might set the stage for tension between you and your partner. It's possible that an emotionally-charged situation has been brewing in the background for quite some time, and that you've tried your best to sweep it under the rug. After this lunation, however, that won't be a possibility any longer.

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Although you prefer to remain emotionally controlled, now it's time to show your feelings -- even if it bruises your mate. There's likely to be a situation that one or both of you are feeling manipulated over, and it's time to work through it together, lest you want it to be the weak link that later tears you apart.

Fortunately, you will have plenty of motivation to communicate with courage this month. Mars will enter your 3rd House of Information on January 12, and on January 27 love planet Venus moves into the same area of your chart. Translation? Even if conversations between you and your partner start out ugly, there is every possibility you'll talk through the trouble and it will lead you to a better place in your relationship.

Still, be prepared for hidden insecurities about love to get triggered on January 30. Venus will square Saturn, and you might not feel the love the way you want to. Or, you might not feel like giving the love to someone who keeps taking.

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