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Pisces Horoscope: January 2016

Ambition and energy

As 2016 begins, your ambition appears to focus in a new direction. Perhaps you've been considering going back to school to earn an advanced degree or obtain a new certification or license. If so, between January 3 and March 5, you might begin the process in earnest. At the very least you'll start to do research on schools and programs.

You might also feel amped up to finally publish that book you've written. Whether you solicit a publisher or decide to self-publish, what matters is more that you move forward with this decision instead of continuing to sit with it until "one of these days." That day has arrived!

Another possibility this month, is that you'll courageously defend your beliefs and if necessary, begin to fight a battle you feel is absolutely essential because of your moral stance on the situation. If this ends up being a legal battle, you'll be in a strong position.

In other news, January might be a great month to reconnect with friends from your past. Consider a reunion with old high school or college buddies, even if it's an informal event. You might also notice that from January 5 through January 25, a technology related project may stall. Be patient and use this time to iron out any kinks. Wait until next month to launch.

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