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Cancer Love Horoscope for January 2018

Changing tides

Exciting romantic possibilities are on the horizon for you this month! A pair of lunations across your relationship axis promise to take you and your lover to the deepest realms of your feelings for one another. On January 1 the New Year begins with a Full Moon in your sign that is sharply opposed Pluto. This will ignite the most powerful reaction of feelings for both you and your partner. If there is any hint of trouble in your love connection, this Full Moon will give you a sense of emotional urgency to work it out because you will not want the security of your relationship threatened. Happily for you, a supportive Grand Trine in Water signs at the time of this Full Moon will lead to more sensitive understanding and forgiveness where necessary. If your partner has been acting in an unkind way, you'll recognize it as fear which is, in reality, a call for love. As a result, you'll be able to work through any problems you might have from a place of higher spiritual understanding rather than ego. Ultimately, this will strengthen your partnership in the most meaningful way possible.

You'll see the results of this at the New Moon on January 16, which falls right in your relationship sector. Yes, a curveball is still possible for you and your love to navigate, but as long as you remember to come from a place of love and not fear, then your love can and will conquer all.

Single? There is no shortage of romantic opportunities for you! Jupiter continues to move through your true love sector, and on January 6 will collide with sexy Mars, also in this part of your chart. An erotic encounter with someone you truly crave is possible. Don't miss out!

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