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July 2015 Horoscope

Positive opportunities

The month begins with a note of astrological complexity. On July 1, the Capricorn Full Moon may prompt you to take emotions quite seriously and take stock of your ambitions in life. Are you meeting them? Is it time to re-evaluate an important goal? This is the time to answer these questions. On the same day however, the two benefic planets, Venus and Jupiter will embrace in romantic Leo. Love and blessings are in the air despite the sobriety behind this Full Moon.

Then on July 15, a New Moon in Cancer will help you initiate something vital to your overall emotional well-being. Family and security needs are highlighted and you will want to plant seeds that encourage the most positive opportunities in this most important part of your life.

Venus enters Virgo for a brief time on July 18, asking us to pay attention to the details behind love. Is a relationship working? Does it serve a purpose? If not, Venus turning retrograde on July 25 will prompt you to seriously ponder the value of that relationship. Can you fix it? Should you? So many questions but so much time to answer them! Venus will retrograde into Leo on July 31, allowing you to really get the heart of the matter until September 6 when she turns direct. And for good measure, a Full Moon in Aquarius on the same day will help you see the value of your social circle.

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