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Aries Horoscope: July 2016

Amazing opportunities

Your home and family life will be divine this month. Expect a fantastic opportunity connected to real estate to emerge near July 4. Or, it's possible that you'll begin a new project with a relative that's sure to succeed. This might even be a home renovation or decorating endeavor.

After July 12, your love life will heat up. If you're single, you'll have incredible prospects to meet someone new and fall in love. Pay attention to who you meet while you're out enjoying the best of what the summer has to offer! You could meet someone at the beach, a BBQ or pool party. Or, if you have children, you might meet a special someone while attending one of their events. You'll certainly be thinking about romance more this month and you'll want to give all of your heart to the one who deserves it.

On July 19, you might focus your attention more on career. A Full Moon at the top of your chart indicates that professional fulfillment is likely. You may also hear news that your boss or another VIP is retiring or stepping down from his or her position. This won't be troubling to you in any way, so don't worry if that happens. This might also be a time that you receive a special honor or award for one of your achievements. Be proud!

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